Where to live in Berlin: Are you looking in the right place? (I)

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One of the most important questions that we do ourselves in our live is “where I would like to live (and therefore to buy a house)”. This is an important decision in all our lives, for many reasons, and sometimes we don’t search in the right neighbourhood. Maybe these short lines could help our reader a little bit:


Is the most central of Berlin’s districts and is one of the most demanded neighbourhood.  Mitte continues to be one of the most urban and cosmopolitan parts of the city. Nevertheless you have to distinguish three parts of Mitte.

Mitte the central district, where is the Brandenburg Gate, the Nikolaiviertel,  Museum Island, Unter den Linden and the largest number of touristic attractions in Berlin. After the wall came down this area formerly the centre of East…

Tiergarten and Wedding; that are, in contrast to the exquisite Mitte, multicultural and less fashionable. Nevertheless, these districts also can be quite attractive. The Tiergarten area is very attractive if you want to enjoy the park in a kind of “New York Central Park”, which is Berlin’s largest and most beautiful. In Wedding, despite its low-brow reputation, is slowly emerging as a place with a few cool cafes where you could enjoy a multi-culti environment and amazing areas with classical facades.

Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is an old working-class district in former East Berlin that survived the very heavy bombing during the Second World War.

Today in addition to actors, designers and artists, this area also attracts foreign academics and a large number of families: its nickname – “Pregnant Hill” is it not by chance!.

A lot of people moved here in the last decade and the original residents are gone. The prices have shot up and many cafes and restaurants now have prices that are very high for the Berlin’s average.


If you prefer to live where it happens, as opposed to just nearby, then head for Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Close to the centre of East Berlin, is in the old Soviet style long, wide and majestic. Though this area used to be predominately a working-class district, it has evolved into a fashionable area that captures the attention of young international people and you could find from a expats to students and artists

Is rather industrial and hard on the eyes., but has a special atmosphere, and it’s full of young people. The Simon Dach Straße itself and Revaler Straße can be very loud and busy at night with a massive bar scene. If you like it, this is the right place, if not, you should take a look to the east., where now there is a movement of new more calm cafes and restaurants in the surrounding of Ostkreuz.


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