Where to live in Berlin: Are you looking in the right place? (II)

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If you prefer the quiet life, then the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf may be perfect for you. Residents used to be typically cosmopolitan, bourgeois, tradition-conscious but now exists a clear movement of young people demanding rental apartments.

With its beautiful 19th-century town houses, Charlottenburg is at the high end of the real estate market. But with an abundance of shopping, restaurants and universities and the presence of many students from the local Berlin Technical University which is located in the heart of the neighbourhood shows you that the first impression you could get as a “traditional European place” for old wealthy people is a wrong one.

It is really well connected and is full of lovely restaurants and small shops. Although it is not a hip area in general, Savigny Platz – with its countless restaurants and bars – is a neighborhood that has become a magnet for the younger generation. If you have children and want a semi-suburban, residential, and ‘Western European’  and ‘safe’ feeling, you are looking at the right place.

Zehlendorf / Grunewald

In addition to the upmarket neighbourhoods of Grunewald and Schmargendorf, Charlottenburg stands out for its solid middle-class respectability. Unlike in the student districts of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, in this neighbourhood expats can anticipate living alongside the affluent and those who value a certain quality of life.

This exclusive residential area in south-west Berlin next to the small lakes offer tranquility in idyllic surroundings full of trees, water and pure nature. There is a great deal of green open space in Zehlendorf. Parking is rarely a problem and children can run about safely as traffic is rare.




In between Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg this neighbourhood, maybe, is ‘the next to come’. Although many people belive that the area of the large department store KaDeWe and its surroundings is Charlottenburg, is it not: it is Schöneberg. Nevertheless this is not what it is like and also does not match the spirit of this neighbourhood. It is a leafy, very pleasant one, where it might still be possible to find affordable nice places to live. For this reason, many people, art galleries, fashion shops that would otherwise stay in Kreuzberg are moving here. It’s a neighbourhood with every kind of person: petit bourgeois, immigrant, young professional, artist and senior citizen. What they share is they are generally older than in Kreuzberg or, certainly, Neukölln, but this is changing..


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  • Hugbert Luther

    31.07.2013, 07:02 Uhr

    Nice Posting! the information is very helpful for new tourists. In my next visit to Berlin I will stay in Charlottenburg. I think is the right place to stay because is well connected and is full of lovely restaurants and small shops and safe feeling. I like it.

    • Angel Nieto

      28.08.2013, 17:30 Uhr

      Thank you very much for your comments !!! we hope you enjoy your stay.

  • Angel Nieto

    09.07.2013, 09:23 Uhr

    Thank you very much for your comment. We will keep working to provide usuful information as well others about lifestyle and architecture matters in Berlin. Keep following us. !