Where to live in Berlin: Are you looking in the right place? ( and III)

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Although entirely in the West and known as the biggest Turkish city outside of Turkey, it is divided into East and West. The Western side (Bergmannkiez) is beautiful, with many trees and old buildings in the surroundings of Viktoriapark and the biggest park of Berlin now: the former Templehof airport. The east part, with it’s centre in the Gräfekiez, is a gentrified neighbourhood of gorgeous buildings now as expensive as the Bergmannkiez.

The area around Oranienstraße is still the beating heart of Kreuzberg, and is a big melting pot where you can find anything from a large migration background to a large mix of cultural offers, thought anti-establishment people.

The gentrification movement is coming towards Görlitzer Park, and the Spree, with an increased presence of tourists and burgeoning hostel and bar scene, where it melts with Friedrichshain across the river.

Apartments which used to cost approximately 1500 EUR per sqm now go for 3000 EUR, all in the matter of five years, and the forecast is that they will keep growing.



Neukölln has one of the worst reputations in the city and is sometimes referred to as the “Bronx of Berlin”. This is not (or should we say was?) one of the preferred districts, of Berliners even if it isn’t particularly dangerous and has developed significantly. Neukölln is still popular with students, artists and intellectuals.

This traditionally workers’ quarter is popular with immigrants and the northern part resembles the neighbouring district of Kreuzberg: Hermannplatz, on the border with Kreuzberg, which is is one of Berlin’s liveliest squares and is connected to Karl-Marx-Strasse, a popular shopping street. It was originally filled with young artists looking for cheap places. Now, it’s quite a ‘respectable’ and expensive place to live (rents here are often as expensive as in the more bourgeois Schöneberg)

This neighbourhood is no stranger to the wave of price normalization that is being felt around Berlin, and many of the inhabitants of other districts come to this one looking to rent apartments largest retail price…..? but find themselves surprised that it no longer exist, or at least very difficult to find. There are properties in the area between Hermannplatz and the canal, which are going for the same prices as those in Kreuzberg. Housing deals in this “Kreuzkölln” are a thing of the past, and there are fewer and fewer students here and more and more professionals.

Nevertheless Neukölln is too big to be developed totally and there is still a long way to go.


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