Berlin, street art capital

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While walking through Berlin, please be aware, pay attention at what it is happening at your side. It is not because of security reasons, Berlin is a quite peaceful and calm city, is because if you keep your eyes fixed in the ground, believe me, you will miss a lot.

Berlin is the most “bombed” capital in Europe, people living here seems to have a lot of things to say, the city is covered in graffiti, at first it is shocking ,the streets look degraded and forgotten, but it is part of Berlin’s image and strange beauty.

You can find small street art pieces when you pass by, quite hidden in facades or public spaces.

graffitti graffitti2 graffitti3








But you will also see several huge ones with an indelible impact on the view.

graffitti4 graffitti5











Even if you just look at the floor you will find art pieces, like this golden artisanal cubes made by German artist GUNTER DEMNIG, the production cost is fully covered with donations and it is a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, they are placed where each of the victims used to live, with their personal data stamped, asking for an individual place in the history for those who were killed mechanically.

graffitti6 graffitti7













Some times three-dimensional pieces will surprise you, most of them appear from one day to the next.

graffiti8 graffitti9








Some times they are just beautiful and amazing.























All this images where taken the same evening, a couple of days ago, while walking around the Jewish Neighbourhood in the heart of Mitte.

The once divided city, half of it strongly repressed and the other half isolated, found in the street art a perfect way of development, freedom and expression.


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