Edgy Berlin fashion designers, beauty and deconstruction

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Relaxed, free, modern, surprising and full of hidden possibilities; at first you can find it a little dark and minatory, but if you give it a second chance it is confortable and sweet, all this that define the soul of Berlin, is perfectly reflected in its fashion.

It will not disappoint you, but you cannot stand there in the surface, you will need to go further and try the clothes, it is worthy, you will love them… if you see the clothes only in the hanger you will never realized how amazing they are.

My favorite fashion labels in Berlin are three: BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE, VLADIMIR KARALEEV AND C-NEEON.



Maria Thomas and Thoas Lindner create garments that fit perfectly to the body, using soft fabrics, original patterns and unfinished seams. The concept is contemporary but the clothes are timeless, fragile and beautiful. They are autodidact designers that follow they particular taste and intuition.

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Vladimir Karaleev was born in Bulgaria but he moved to Berlin to study fashion. His work is conceptual, quite influenced by contemporary art. His mixed textures and deconstructed silhouettes develop an essential but very romantic style, soft and powerful.

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The clothes of C-Neeon are full of colour, a pure street wear language, Doreen Schultz and Clara Leskovar, the designers behind the label, use graphic prints and superposition as tools to make surprising, dinamic and very easy to wear garments, a perfect balance between prints and patern, geometry and architectural shapes.


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I started to wear clothes of these three fashion labels before I moved to Berlin, they were a revelation for me, they have changed the way I look and futhermore the way I feel.

They are more than just fashion.





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