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The Neue Nationalgalerie (1968) by Mies van der Rohe

13.09.2013 Architecture 2 comments

This building is considered one of the masterpieces of architecture as represent the summary of all assumptions implemented during the first half of the twentieth century and where the famous phrase of the Mies van der Rohe “less is more” takes on true sense. read more …

Edgy Berlin fashion designers, beauty and deconstruction

13.08.2013 Livestyle no comments

Relaxed, free, modern, surprising and full of hidden possibilities; at first you can find it a little dark and minatory, but if you give it a second chance it is confortable and sweet, all this that define the soul of Berlin, is perfectly reflected in its fashion.

It will not disappoint you, but you cannot stand there in the surface, you will need to go further and try the clothes, it is worthy, you will love them… if you see the clothes only in the hanger you will never realized how amazing they are.

My favorite fashion labels in Berlin are three: BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE, VLADIMIR KARALEEV AND C-NEEON. read more …